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I notice members are including "images" of errors in Logic. How do I do that?
#1 Posted : Thursday, February 21, 2013 6:13:40 PM(UTC)

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Including a "screen snapshot" of your use of Logic when reporting an error, is a great way to communicate. A picture tells a thousand words - and we will all appreciate the time it saves.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Microsoft has provided a great set of tools for you to use.

In the Start Menu, search box, type "snip" - the Snipping Tool should appear in the Programs list. In Win 7, in the Control Panel list, an item called "Record steps to reproduce a problem" - this later item can wait for another day.

Click Snipping Tool to start the tool.

The Snipping Tool allows you to take a "snapshot" of a part of the screen. Like this self portrait ...

Win 7 screen snapshots

The tool starts ready to "take a snap shot" - just click and drag anywhere on the screen. The tool moves out of the way as necessary. To make life easier for yourself, from the Start menu, search for the snipping tool, right click on Snipping Tool, and "Pin to Task Bar", "Pin to Start Menu" in Vista.

Remember - not everybody has the same fast cheap Internet connection as you. Take a snapshot of the smallest area that communicates the problem. Save the images as PNG. PNG images are orders of magnitude smaller than BMP formatted images - kilo bytes as compared to mega bytes.

Windows XP

There is no similar tool provided in XP, but there is a key-stoke you can use. All images are saved as BMPs - to the clip board. One needs to use another tool to save the image in an appropriate form - best is PNG format. Try not use the original BMP format.

PRINTSCREEN will take a snapshot of the whole screen - which potentially means a large file many mega bytes big.

ALT-PRINTSCREEN will take a snap shot of the "active window". Great for just the error message you are seeing, but as the file is a BMP, it will still be a large file.

Before attaching an image to a post, use PAINT, from the XP, All Programs, Accessories menu, make some annotations as appropriate and save as a PNG file.

Other tools

There are a lot of tools to take screen snapshots.

Snagit by Techsmith is argueably the best commercial tool - a few tens of dollars. Great flexibility.

There are numerous Open Source tools. Ifranview is a good choice as it does everything in the one tool - snapshot, annotation, and conversion.

What are members using?

Peter VK4IU
Peter VK4IU
You can help by posting images of any errors and including your Logic version.
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#2 Posted : Tuesday, February 26, 2013 8:31:09 PM(UTC)

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And now I have discovered a way to include the images in your actual post - as opposed to attaching them to the post.

Including the image of the error saves time for everybody - anyone reading the post can see the image immediately, rather than having to download an attachment.

Putting images in a post, requires that your PC, must have access to the image when you, or others, look at your post to the forum. If you create a post with an image of an error in it, the "link" to the image must be to somewhere where the image is available to members - somewhere on the forum.

Just such a place is available - your Album area. It's a place on the forum where you can upload images for other members to look at.

So the process is ...

Discover something in Logic you want to share - a picture tells a thousand words.

Use the tools in the first item in this topic to "take a snapshot" - the smallest area that conveys what you want to show. Save the image or images in PNG format on your PC.

The login to the Forum and go to your "My Albums". Add a new album, give it a name, or open an existing album, and upload your snapshots. Once the images are uploaded, click "Back", and the images in the album are displayed as thumbnails.

To use an image directly in your post, you need to copy the HTML link to the image and insert the link into your post. You can copy the link, from your Album, by "Right click" on an image, and "left click" on "Copy shortcut" - in IE, "Copy link address" - in Chrome, "Copy link location" - in Firefox.

If you have not done this sort of thing before, here are some pointers to help.

You really need TWO places at the forum open at the same time, one making your post, and the other looking at your album of snapshots. You can do this in all modern browsers by Tabs.

Open the browser and log into the Logic forum. Now that the forum is open, in your browser, point your mouse at the TAB for the page, right click and click on "Duplicate". Another TAB should open on the identical page in the Logic forum. To move between the TABs, click on the TAB.

Move to the TAB with the snapshot, right click and copy the link.

Move to the TAB in which you are "posting" a topic, or a reply to a topic, click the "Image button" to insert an image, this one ...

Insert image button

... the "landscape with the rising sun". Paste the link to the image in your album into the dialogue box, and click OK. Enter a short description. Click OK.

That is it. Now complete your post, adding more images as necessary.

Peter VK4IU

Peter VK4IU
You can help by posting images of any errors and including your Logic version.
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